About us

The African Association for Vertical Farming is an active non-profit organization. We are a formal association comprised of individual urban farmers, SMEs, research institutions and corporations who are working toward a more sustainable future of farming in Africa.


Our goal is to provide an industry platform that connects stakeholders, coordinates value chains and forms the partnerships necessary for innovation in Africa’s growing urban agriculture sector. The AAVF will be a vehicle that:


  • Helps Africa’s cities implement more efficient horticulture supply systems.

  • Integrates urban farming into urban planning strategies.

  • Improves production methods and quality of product.

  • Promotes resource conservation, innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, youth and female empowerment and poverty uplift.

  • Brings together technology partners and experts from across our network in Africa.

  • Spreads the use of innovative agricultural methods that will help farmers in need to become financially sustainable.



Who we are


The AAVF was founded in 2018. It was started by a delegation of two executives from the AVF who attended the Annual Urban Agri Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, sponsored by the Association for Vertical Farming (www.vertical-farming.net) and hosted by Magenta Global (www.magenta-global.com.sg).


We observed the network of pressures on South Africa’s food production systems and witnessed that urban agriculture is viewed with positivity and optimism in South Africa.


We further discovered that South Africa is leading the way forward into a new future of food production on the African continent. After consulting with a range of stakeholders at the conference, we concluded that it was the right time to begin a model for an organization that would help coordinate the urban agriculture movement in Africa. We believe that “If it works in South Africa, it will work in the rest of Africa”.


As we develop the African network, we also believe that there must be a humanitarian aspect to our endeavours. We aim to use the AAVF to form partnerships that will directly benefit communities in need. We have identified several projects that we can become directly involved in, bringing organizational, marketing and management knowledge to install new food production methods that will help these projects improve their own financial sustainability.

Board of Association