AAVF Project Development

The AAVF is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that better coordinates the means of food production in Africa’s cities. The goal of the AAVF Project Development team is to work with our network of smallholders, market gardeners and innovative urban farmers to get their projects off the ground. By working with individual members on all aspects of their business, we can ensure that the value of what is produced remains local.

How will we do this? 


Every project will have its own specific set of needs. We are able to provide any or all of the following assistance measures for our members:


  • Promote project on AAVF platform

  • Connect project with extensionist services, technological expertise and funding through our existing network.

  • (If needed) Consult with a project and develop a business profile and strategy

  • Establish a marketing initiative for brand awareness and develop an online presence (if applicable)

  • Help secure funds:

    • Provide successful case studies from existing members as proof of concept

    • Facilitate access to grant writing services 

    • Connect with investors in worldwide AVF network 

    • Connect to microfinance

  • Provide on-the-ground guidance: oversee and coordinate business activities

  • Sustainability benchmarking to be included in yearly AAVF report

  • Coordinate all aspects of project

    • Training, education initiatives

    • Technological implementation 

    • Job creation

    • Day-to-day operations

Kyle Baldock

AAVF Business and Project Development